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Personal details
Full name: Osinovsky, Dmitry Eduardovich
Nationality: Russian Federation
E-mail: osdm @at mail .dot ru
Address: Moscow, Russia, possible relocation in other countries
Born: 1977
Career objective
Software architect, analyst, senior developer
Looking for stable, but challenging job in software development/architecture.
Able to quickly study new technology or business area, study and troubleshoot other people's source code, conduct business analysis (requirements, etc), develop creative but practical technical solutions, oversee and mentor other developers, find and fix hard-to-find bugs. Code samples here.
  • Oracle Database (SQL, PL/SQL)
  • C# (ASP.NET)
  • Delphi
  • JavaScript (jQuery)
  • CVS, Git
  • Microsoft Project
  • MediaWiki
  • �++ (Qt)
Russian: native
English: reading technical documentation, reading/writing e-mails and simple spoken communications.
Basic knowledge of financial accounting and reporting principles. Familiar with UML, OOP, patterns, software development methodologies.
JetBrains (IntelliJ Labs), Senior Software Developer, 2010 - current
Developing Razor, JavaScript, HTML support in ReSharper.
ProgramBank, Project Manager, 1997 - 2010
I started as a software developer (first 3 years), then became a project manager and an architect for a financial reporting and data warehousing project. Main responsibilities include:
  • Managing up to 28 people, including client project managers, developers, testers and client support
  • Working with clients (not that I enjoyed it really)
  • Planning, resource management
  • Technical business analysis
  • Software architecture
  • Coaching developers
  • Solving complex technical problems
  • Developing complex code pieces myself
  • Writing documentation and marketing materials
  • IFRS data gathering and reporting projects in largest Russian and international financial firms
  • AJAX-based rapid application development framework for reporting and datawarehousing solutions, featuring web forms with built-in JavaScript ORM for CRUD operation on complex objects (described by several records in different tables with nontrivial master-detail relationships), really easy but powerful system for describing data-binded tree tables, web-based spreadsheets (a-la Google Docs spreadsheets with OLAP capabilities), data extraction and loading system and other capabilities.
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (state university), 1994 - 2000
Master degree in applied physics and mathematics
When in high school won first prize in regional programming competitions (school olympiads, Kursk city) and a diploma in all-Russian competitions. Received bachelor diploma with honor (more that 75% excellent scores).
Quadros is a tetris/pentix clone, made by me mainly during university education. It is written using C++ and Qt library. Interesting features include multiplayer support (on the same computer or via network) and "demo mode": computer playing tetris by itself.
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PocketPicture is an advanced graphic editor for Pocket PC (although it can be also run on desktop Windows). It is written in C# and features some complex OOP. Unfortunately, I have lost access to Pocket PC hardware, so this project is rather abandoned.
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